Dinner and a Show

East Lynne Theatre Company presents "Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire"

Sunday, August 13, 6pm seating at restaurant, 8pm seating at East Lynne Theatre Company.  Restaurant and ticket price will be announced by April 3.  East Lynne's

"Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire" is a one-woman show performed by Michele LaRue.  "Woman suffrage is the reform against nature," declares Marie Jenney Howe's unlikely, but irresistibly likeable, heroine. Howe, a      pro-suffragist, wrote her Anti-Suffrage Monologue in 1912-eight years before women at last won the vote. Her fictional speaker is a charming, guileless enthusiast who sincerely believes that her efforts as a "womanly woman" will keep the Home intact-and save the Nation from anarchy.